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Pacific Hunter Speargun

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Brand : Pacific Hunter

This not cheap speargun spec
but we sale in cheap price.


1. Tri-Cut Double Flopper 7.0 mm Shaft
( Material : SUS 630 Stainless Spring Steel or 17ph-4 )
2. Open Muzzle (Stainless Steel horns)
3. SUS316 Stainless Steel frame design for trigger mechanism.
4. Beuchat Reel mount adaptor can support all reels on the market.
5. Loding butt and on - off switch design.
6. Aluminum Rail Barrel.
7. Professional Shark cord.
8. 2mm mono line.
9. Two meter16mm Rubber for you cut to any length what you need.
10. line wishbone X 2 pcs