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Cuttlefish Carbon Barrel for all speargun

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Cuttlefish Barrel + all kind of ceramic Roller Muzzle

-Mart Cuttlefish Carbon Rail Barrel
( For Rob Allen  Handle and all handle plug OD : 26.5 mm use)

This barrel suit for below Brand :
1. Rob Allen handle.
2. Adreno Morton handle.
3. Pacific Super Handle.
4. Mako Speargun handle.
5.Bonios handle.
6. Cressi Handle.

Barrel O.D. : 30 mm
Barrel I.D. : 26.5 mm for Rob Allen Handle
Barrel wall thickness: 1.75 mm
Rail offset height  : 2.3 mm
Barrel Length : 110 cm  120 cm

RRP: $399  NOW: $249 (Barrel only)

RRP: $550  NOW: $328 (Barrel + Single Roller Muzzle)

RRP: $580  NOW: $338 (Barrel + Double Rubber Roller Muzzle)

RRP: $750  NOW: $462 (Barrel + Double Roller Muzzle)

 ( Come with roller muzzle and fee line anchor)

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This Item does not accept Return or Refund please select carefully if you agree just place an order.  Thanks.