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Reel for Rob Allan and Adreno spearguns.

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VR-50FP Flat Reel
Dovetail Mount for Rob Allen Handle

 Dovetail reel mount design for Rob Allen
• Corrosion resistant
• Adjustable brake
• Dovetail reel mount design for Rob Allen handle  
• Large line capacity
• Reels made from 70% nylon with 30% fiberglass
 The frame is made from super strong 316 stainless steel 
• Stainless steel line guide
• A simple and reliable drag system.
• Spool dimensions: diameter 90mm; thickness 47mm
• Retractable handle works with spheres
• Handle has three positions for greater ease of use
•This reel can be used in all types of spearfishing
Flat mount for fitting to wooden speargun or flat surface  
 Mount has various hole positions .

 Capacity 50 meters for 1.5 mm line
 Capacity 45 meters for 1.8 mm line 
 Capacity 40 meters for 2.0 mm line
RRP: $89.00 NOW: $69.00

Dovetail Mount :
Our Female Dovetail mount can install all Flat reel to support Rob Allen handle and Adreno handle or all speargun with male Dovetail mount design)