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Open Muzzle ME-14

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New Open Muzzle ME-14

  • The new open-muzzle lets your shock line never come off.
  • Two Rubber system design, light Weight & Strong material

Heavy Duty Material: Nylon 70% + Fiberglass 30%

ME-14 L  26.50 mm  For Rob Alan Rail Barrel
ME-14 M  25.40 mm  For Rabitech Stealth Rail Barrel
ME-14 H  26.50 mm  For Rabitech Apex Rail Barrel

Open Muzzle ME-14 L
this open muzzle can fit Rob Allen Barrel ID : 26.5 mm

If your other barrel ID is 26 -26.2 mm
You can easily modify and trim off the remaining material line to match your barrel need.