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Tri-Cut Cable Slip Tip -- M7 Thread for 7mm shaft or 5/16-24 Thread for 8mm shaft

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Screw Base

Tri - Cut Cable Slip Tip

Thread Base 1 : M7 thread for 7mm shaft
Thread Base 2 : 5/16-24 thread for 8mm shaft

Material : Japan SUS 630 or 17ph-4
Made in Taiwan in good quality and good material from Japan

You need right spec and good quality and not overpay in another brand.

A slip tip with durable steel line perfect for spearfisherman hunting larger fish. Suitable for shafts with an 7mm or 8mm in M7 or 5/16ththread.

  • Brand : PACIFIC
    Product :  PACIFIC M7 or 5/16 Cable Tri-Cut Slip Tip
  • Our Price:   AU$ 89.99