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Pacific Cuttlefish Carbon Roller Speargun 110 - 120 cm

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  Specification :
  1. Super Pacific Handle.(Green or White).
  2. Cuttlefish Carbon Rail Barrel. 110 - 120 cm.
  3. Barrel ID : 26.5 mm also support Rob Allen Handle.
  4. Full ceramic double Bearing Roller Muzzle.
  5. Shark fin Spear.
  6.16 mm Blue Rubber.
  7. Pacific Super Reel. 
Heavy Duty Shark Cord with mono shock line.
  9. We use SUS 316 stainless steel for trigger housing not plastic.
10. Heavy duty SUS630 
Stainless Steel Sears in 8 mm width.
11. Heavy duty handle made of PA-6 strong nylon with 30% fiber grass
      special design 
for big fish hunt.
12. Free shark clip on handle


The great hunter will choose the best component combination and will not lost in famous brand in over pay.