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Open Muzzle ME-11

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Open Muzzle ME-11

Design for heavy-duty

ME-11 L

Suit for 26.50 mm Rail Barrel

For Rob alan barrel

ME-11 M

Suit for 25.60 mm Rail Barrel

For all barrel ID 25.6 mm

ME-11 H

Suit for 26.50 mm Rail Barrel

For Rabitech apex barrel


This Stainless Steel U bar is a new design for new OPEN muzzle, your SHOCK LINE will never break and come off again. Two Rubber hole design, you can use the Rubber through the hole or choose Europe adapter to connect muzzle.
(the long and short arm in other page)

Material : Nylon 70% + Fiber 30%

ME-11 L : Offset 2.3 mm
ME-11 M : Offset 3.7 mm
ME-11 H : Offset 6.3 mm