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Fins - Carbon

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They are simply the best fitting, most durable and fastest freediving and swimming Fins in the world today.

Besides having been voted best Fins in Europe for 3 years in a row, they powered Japan's fastest fin swimmer, Mr. Noboru Tomo take, all the way to his Gold Medal for the 400 meters in 2000.

Thanks to their power and efficiency, the world's top Freedive Spearfishing legends have collected more world cups than anyone else in history.

In February 2003, Terry Lentz, the only American to ever win the Spearfishing World Cup in 1959, organized the "Fin Mania" event in Long Beach, California. Some of the U.S. best Hunter and fin-swimmers came to try out every diving, swimming and freediving fin in the industry that was presented to the competitors. The test was for the DIVERS to swim on their back while holding a rope hooked up to an electronic scale.
To everyone's amazement, not only did the Black Team Fin beat all the FINS in its category, but it also beat every other fin in the world, including all the Carbon FIBREGLASS FINS and the FIBREGLASS FINS!

Total length of blade :88cm    Total length of fins :101cm

Sizes : 40/42(M) - 42/44(L) - 44/46(XL) - 46/48(XXL)
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