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Threaded 7.0mm & 8.0mm 17ph-4 SS Shaft

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M7 Threaded with 7mm Shaft.

5/16 Threaded with 8mm Shaft.

(Tri-Cut Slip tip is optional)


  • The Pacific shaft is manufactured with (SUS630 Japan) 17ph-4 stainless steel which comprises of approximately 17% Chromium, 4% Nickol and 4% copper.
  • The Pacific shaft is C.N.C. machined.
  • This shaft has 3 primary shark fins that are 60mm-90mm-120mm from the very back of the shaft providing maximum band stretch.
  • One rest tab that is 360mm from the very rear to make pre-loading blue water spearguns and roller guns that little bit easier removing the need for wrist load assists or similar.
  • All Shark fins have been chamfered and deburred ensuring ultimate reliability for both dyneema and metal wishbones or bridles.
  • Shark fin tips are full Laser welded and create a stiffening bridge on the shaft, increasing its ballistic performance and maximizing the amount of load the tabs can withstand. Say goodbye to tearing shark fins off of your big gun!
  • Will suit enclosed track spearguns that have a track diameter of at least 7mm and 8mm.